Botanicals: the challenge of the future

Cultipharm is a company that produces and sells botanicals and active ingredients grown in Vertical Farm for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic worlds.

The Vertical Farm, or vertical agriculture, is a soilless cultivation system that develops in stacked layers, in a controlled environment.

Starting from the study of the balsamic times of the plants and the influence of chemical and physical cultivation parameters on the concentration of active ingredients, the Cultipharm method develops the Superactive, also known as botanicals with a high content of active ingredients and a customizable profile.

With Cultipharm, the plant is at the centre and the technology is all around it: a paradigm shift that effectively responds to global ecological and ever-increasing needs, producing traceable and high- quality botanicals. The key features of the botanical are now expressed in the perfect habitat.




The plant is moved in the Vertical Farm, the perfect habitat reproduced within a controlled environment where each plant is placed in stacked cultivation layers that can be moved automatically.


The distribution of water and nutrients as well as climatic and light conditions are managed by an algorithm optimised on the specific needs of the plant. In this way the plant grows monitored, in contact with no operators or external agents and without the use of pesticides and herbicides, in a closed cycle system.


At the end of the production cycle, the plant is harvested and stored at the ideal temperature to keep its qualities intact: not only the active ingredient but also the phytocomplex is obtained for an equally effective and longer lasting pharmacological yield.


The phytotherapeutic ingredient obtained from the plant, with proprietary formulation, is sent to customers or further processed; the conditions are therefore renewed to start a new cycle, which can be repeated throughout the year.


A new green idea

The plant, a precious element treated with respect is cultivated in a treasure chest capable of giving multiple benefits thanks to its phytocomplexes.
The Cultipharm method can start a real change of pace and vision in the world of phytotherapy, improving the field of farming in several aspects:

A traceable, natural, guaranteed supply chain
A sustainable system that respects the environment
A paradigm shift in farming

Our vertical farm

This is

Cultipharm benefits


Why invest in Cultipharm’s business


A profitable business increasingly sought after and sustainable


Computerised crops in order to produce 365 days a year beyond seasons or weather conditions


Less resources for botanicals cultivated in Vertical farm


Possible reuse of abandoned or unused infrastructure

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Cultipharm benefits


Why choose the Superactive Cultipharm


Active ingredients of high measurable quality


Lean supply chain, traceable and zero kilometer products


Production of phytocomplexes, which can be much more easily assimilated by the human body


Greater respect for the environment, less waste, healthier plant

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The future is now

The new generation
of phytotherapy

Cultipharm was created to meet pharmaceutical and phytotherapeutic needs destined to increase, to cope with something Italy is today forced to import, active ingredients that are not always of guaranteed quality.

Through the Cultipharm method it is possible to customize the botanical according to the formulation in which it will be applied, choosing the conditions of growth and the perfect balsamic time in order to express the desired properties.

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The cultivation of botanicals in Vertical Farm constitutes one of the most innovative solutions in the agricultural sector. It represents the agriculture of the future that combines the sustainability and health of the plant. We talk about innovation because the production technology allows to provide the end customer a natural product, 100% controlled, with a high degree of active ingredients, attentive to sustainability thanks to the saving of soil and the use of about 95% less water than open systems. Eliminating the possibility of attacks from fungi, bacteria or other pathogens, it avoids the use of pesticides or fungicides also obtaining the "Nikel free" certification that, associated with "heavy metal controlled", guarantees the total absence of unwanted residues such as, for example, nickel or heavy metals. In addition, it is a zero-kilometer cultivation in 100% Made in Italy production plants and the botanicals, unlike those that come from the countries of the East have a huge advantage in terms of deterioration of transport times and conditions. Finally, as regards energy needs, at least 30% will have to come from renewable sources such as photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen or cogeneration systems.