Our vertical growing solution, as never seen before.


Not the usual Vertical Farm

The vertical farm, or vertical agriculture, is a cultivation system that develops in stacked layers, in a controlled environment.

Cultipharm is not the conventional vertical farm: it is a real business model, tested and co-managed, which allows those who adopt it to grow plants with high active principles anywhere, without polluting, implementing a sustainable investment with reduced management costs.

With Cultipharm, the plant is at the center and the technology is all around it: a paradigm shift that effectively responds to global ecological and ever-increasing needs, producing traceable and high-quality medicinal plants

All this is made possible thanks to the experience and innovative know-how of Idromeccanica Lucchini, which in addition to believing in Cultipharm values, supplies highly technological greenhouses to achieve excellent results.




The phytotron is supplied, the environment where each plant is placed to grow that can be moved automatically. A fertigation system for its growth in a controlled environment and with a closed cycle system.


The distribution of nutrients, herbicides- and pesticides-free, is managed by an algorithm that can be optimized on the specific needs of the plant; the system also selects the best light parameters.
The plant grows monitored, in contact with no operators or external agents.


At the end of the production cycle, the plant is harvested and stored at the ideal temperature to keep its qualities intact: the phytocomplex is obtained, not only the active ingredient, for an equally effective and longer lasting pharmacological yield.


The phytotherapeutic ingredient obtained from the plant, with a patented formulation, is sent to customers or further processed; the conditions are therefore renewed to start a new cycle, which can be repeated throughout the year. Bioavailability is guaranteed.

Our Mission

Choose a new green idea

Our focus is the plant, a precious element treated with respect, a treasure chest capable of giving multiple benefits thanks to its phytocomplexes.
Cultipharm is cultivation + culture: we believe that technology can bring about a real change of pace and vision, improving the field of farming in many aspects - to us it is the vehicle, the means and not the end, to be able to operate a shared change we invite you to take part in.

A traceable, natural, guaranteed supply chain
A sustainable system that respects the environment
A paradigm shift in farming

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This is

Cultipharm benefits


Why invest in Cultipharm's proven and co-managed business


a profitable business, increasingly sought after and sustainable


the production is ongoing all year round, regardless of seasons or weather


zero transport, fewer resources required, creation of a supply chain


makes the most of abandoned or unused infrastructure

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Cultipharm benefits


Why choose to grow medicinal plants with Cultipharm


pure active ingredients of better measurable, quantifiable and fixed quality


lean supply chain, traceable and close products, possibility of self-production


production of phytocomplexes, which can be much more easily assimilated by the human body


greater respect for the environment, less waste, healthier plant

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The future is now

The business
of the future

Cultipharm was created to respond to global needs, to pharmaceutical and phytotherapeutic needs destined to increase, to cope with something Italy is today forced to import, active ingredients that are not always of higher quality.

Cultipharm is a monitored and clean industrial process, similar to what is used for the preparation of supplements or herbal products, which will allow you to start a production of the highest quality, guaranteed and measurable, of medicinal plants sought after by the pharmaceutical industry.

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Cultipharm stories

Behind the scenes, between sap and roots


How we take care of the planet

Cultipharm is a vertical farming that allows the use of up to 90% less water than conventional techniques, without exploiting the soil and with energy self-sufficiency. Its closed and protected environment, highly automated, drastically reduces the probability of parasitic attacks and therefore the use of pesticides and herbicides; moreover, the air filtering system eliminates the risk of contamination by gaseous pollutants. The zero-mile production allows a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions while the possible redevelopment of buildings or unused spaces makes the land no longer sterile, without the need for arable soil.