The "Nikel free" e "zero residue" certifications are of increasing importance for botanical producers both for the food market and for the phyto-pharmaceutical industry. In addition to requests from buyers, European regulations are also becoming increasingly stringent in terms of pesticides, ethylene oxide and heavy metals and it is therefore necessary to be able to guarantee a product totally free from unwanted residues.
The limit of self-certifications
Although individual supplement manufacturers can guarantee the raw materials used through the self- certification mechanism, this type of strategy often has considerable costs that make it difficult to cover the entire range of production. Bureaucratic burdens and times as well as the lack of time available, mean that the self-certification option gives inaccurate and often risky results. In addition to this, in the event that the analyzes do not return the desired results, it would become somewhat complex for the producer to trace the causes of the contamination and be able to remedy it. For the producer of supplement pesticides, relying on unqualified suppliers would therefore represent too high a risk to guarantee high quality standards.
Cultipharm solution
After studying careful monitoring protocols and having its own experience and analysis laboratories, Cultipharm is able to offer itself to supplement manufacturers as a certified zero residue and nickel free body. While a normal self-certification may not pass the scrupulous checks of Bioagricert (certifying body of the Mipaaf), Cultipharm can carry out scrupulous analyzes on the entire production chain and on all the materials entering the cultivation phytotron, so that nothing can escape monitoring. In addition to this, Cultipharm has a real self-control plan validated by Bioagricert, which allows each producer to work safely, as the crop is always free from the risk of contamination by heavy metals, Nikel or other external agents.
Not just a substrate
The object of Cultipharm's analyzes is therefore not only the substrate (ie the soil used), but everything that enters the working process. Water, work tools, production methods, everything is screened and monitored annually, lot by lot, to ensure maximum safety of results. Furthermore, the working method provided by Cultipharm significantly increases the possibility of positive outcomes. To further protect customers, Cultipharm is also able to supply seeds produced and certified to adhere to the most stringent EU standards. Having Cultipharm as a partner and certified body is a guarantee towards the institutions.
How Cultipharm’s method works
To obtain the Nikel free certification, the product cannot contain quantities of Nickel higher than 0.01 mg / kg, while to obtain the zero residue certification, the residues of chemical synthesis plant protection products must be less than or equal to 0.01 mg / kg. The Cultipharm laboratories therefore analyze: When the analyzes show higher values, which make the products unsuitable for obtaining certification, Cultipharm carries out a series of extraordinary analyzes aimed at identifying the point of contamination within the production flowchart, in order to be able to act on the source of contamination, using the appropriate corrective measures.
Obtaining and maintaining certifications not only benefits the possibilities of selling and distributing your product, but allows you to work in a healthier environment and contribute to safeguarding the ecosystem.