Our Innovation

The future challenges require new technological solutions.

The consumption of soil, the waste of water, the massive use of pesticides and the growing demand for agricultural products have shown how much agriculture must be renewed to increase productivity, also improving quality, compatible with a very low environmental impact.

Cultipharm intends to follow this path, bringing the Vertical Farm technology to the new frontiers of phytotherapy, for the production of botanicals.

Cultipharm looks with courage to a more sustainable and healthy future, believing that innovation is the only answer to the growing and rapid climate and social change.

100% Guaranteed
Value Chain
The core of the project is the health of the crop.
The entire cultivation system is built around this principle which guarantees a quality product with a high concentration of active ingredient. To better manage the process and meet the needs of the herbal-pharmaceutical world, Cultipharm guarantees a certified product with zero residue and entirely made by Italian supply chain.
New Class of
Compared to the products currently on the market coming from large batches grown in developing countries and in the East, with the Cultipharm method it is possible to push botanicals so that they express their maximum potential. A very high percentage of active ingredient is thus extracted from each crop for the creation of products with a high therapeutic value, facilitating absorption by the human body.
Fully Sustainable
The Cultipharm method saves soil and water, avoids the use of pesticides and does not affect the spontaneous tree heritage in nature, thus avoiding the despoiling of the environment. Inside the Vertical Farm it is also possible to extract similar active ingredients from different crops or study rare and ancient crops to preserve them, reproduce them and finally reinsert them into the environment.