Investing in Cultipharm means becoming part of a proven, diversified and secure system. In addition to providing the design, implementation of the plant and the knowledge to start operating in the field of superbotanical cultivation in phytotron, Cultipharm accompanies investors with the right agronomic and economic advice. The investor who enters the Cultipharm world will in fact always be informed about the variations of the superbotanical market, the possibilities, the channels and the sales networks, in order to be able to decide, from time to time, in which direction to direct their investment. Which botanists to choose, in what quantity, in what period, which alternation of crops to use, will no longer be doubts, but opportunities. The Cultipharm business is co-managed. Different production platforms, several parallel projects on several plants and with several investors, allow Cultipharm to always remain present and flexible on the market, in order to anticipate trends and propose the right offer according to demand. Cultipharm is a safe, reliable and innovative network of investors that meets the great contemporary issues.
The world of phytotherapy, nutraceuticals and phytocosmetics are in great expansion and in continuous growth. The rigorous controls and the strict sanitary parameters imposed by the European institutions allow Cultipharm and its safe and tested system to have more and more space in this large market.
Market stability
New business opportunities
are the keywords of the Cultipharm investment.
The technology present in all Cultipharm plants allows a great automation of processes. This guarantees to operate even with few employees and with a lot of savings. Furthermore, the continuous production cycles guarantee a continuous maturation of the superbotanicals, ensuring the absence of the dead times typical of traditional cultivation.
Continuous flow
Reduced management
are the keywords of the Cultipharm technology.
The Cultipharm system is achievable anywhere. This technology allows you to regenerate and redevelop disused or abandoned buildings, giving them a new life and a new use. As a consequence of this quality, Cultipharm does not consume land and allows the creation of customized systems according to the investor's needs. The Cultipharm method recycles water and saves energy. Moreover, thanks to the complete isolation of the phytotron, no pesticides are necessary to cultivate with the Cultipharm method.
Zero residue
are the keywords of the Cultipharm regenerative system.
In short, Cultipharm allows a diversified, proven and co-managed investment in a sustainable and booming market that will revolutionize the whole concept of agriculture.