Cultipharm benefits

The Superbotanicals obtained through the Cultipharm method are unique compared to any other active ingredient on the market. The very high standards of the Cultipharm method guarantee an excellent product from several points of view:


Each Cultipharm product owns a high and guaranteed title of active principle without the need for extensive refining in the extract. The environmental impact for Cultipharm production is significantly reduced (zero residue) and allows a continuous flowering with several harvests a year. Cultipharm is 100% made in Italy.


The plant is checked and grown from the seed to the finished product. All production phases take place inside the Cultipharm phytotron eliminating the risk of hybridization or contamination with other species.


The Cultipharm method allows to keep the phytocomplex intact and pure and also allows to choose the perfect balsamic time for the collection of the botanicals according to the desired specifications in the finished product.


The great challenge of the present is environmental sustainability, a challenge that Cultipharm manages to win across the board: zero Kilowatt hours of fossil energy for cultivation, 95% less water used for cultivation, 75% less land consumed, 65% less fertilizers used.

All the superbotanicals follow a guided and standardized growth path, which has been studied and tested upstream, to build a new and revolutionary approach to cultivation. Cultipharm products span the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics markets, with innovations that change the product construction paradigm.
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Cultipharm superbotanicals include in their product range: